Thursday, February 11, 2010


Whitney has been off track from kindergarten for several weeks again. This is one of the joys of our local school system and year round school. These breaks are tough for Whitney because she misses the social interaction with her classmates and teachers as well as the valuable therapy she gets at school.

But all is not lost. Whit's kindergarten teacher knows how tough keeping skills up during these breaks can be. And she's found a way to help. In Whitney's backpack, the last day before break, was a packet of homework. Now for a typical kid the sight of a packet of homework over a break would probably elicit groans. Lucky for Melanie and I, I don't think Whit has ever learned to groan.

And also, Whit loves to work on worksheets with Melanie. Most days the two of them will sit down together for a while and work on some coloring or a dot to dot puzzle and Whitney thinks it's great. She gets one on one time with Mom and she's working on the same things she's worked on at school so far this year. So hopefully when this long winter break ends, Whit will head back to school having maintained her skills her teachers have carefully cultivated since September.

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