Monday, November 30, 2009

Snowfall Stimulus

We had one of the first big winter storms of the season recently and Liam and Whitney were excited to go out to play in it. While Whitney is getting very sure-footed on carpeted floors and hard surfaces, walking on snow in our back yard was a bit much for her to handle without assistance. Melanie and I held Whit's hands as she roamed around in the wintery wonderland.

Whit wanted to get down and play on the ground so she could touch and taste the snow. But we didn't want her getting too wet and cold. Luckily I thought of a molded plastic chair that is just Whitney's size. I brought it outside and had Whitney sit in it. From the little chair she was able to touch the snow and play with it in her hands while keeping her knees and back side from getting soaked.

The winter temperatures and snowy textures proved to be great stimuli for Whitney. She also had a great time throwing snowballs at me with a little help from Melanie.

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Shafferprincess said...

She is so cute and growing up so fast! Glad she enjoyed the snow.