Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Odds and Ends

No major stories to tell this week, but here are a few quick odds and ends:

Whitney loved trick or treating on Halloween. She walked around the neighborhood collecting candy until suddenly she dropped her candy bag. Melanie told her to pick it up but Whitney refused. So Melanie picked it up and realized it was pretty heavy. All that heavy candy wore Whit's arm right out!


Whit and Melanie are at the ENT's office this afternoon to see how her tubes are looking. Her ears seem to be draining better after she's been sick. So hopefully both tubes have stayed in and are doing their job this time around.


Melanie has been calling hotels in downtown Salt Lake City this morning. She's quickly narrowing down possibilities for the venue of next year's 1p36 Deletion Support & Awareness Conference. She's especially looking for a place that will have a free airport shuttle, plenty of conference room space, rooms with fridges and microwaves and a heated pool and hot tub. As soon as she makes the arrangements, we'll spread the word.


Whit is bored with most of her toys. She's not really got that many things that keep her attention. Melanie and I are really trying hard to think of some new things she can enjoy as Christmas gifts. I just wish Whitney wasn't so hard to shop for. Anyone got some good ideas?

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