Saturday, September 13, 2008

More Fun Around Town and Group Free Time

Whitney enjoyed seeing a few more sights around town yesterday.  She climbed to the top of Bunker Hill Monument on my shoulders and looked out at the city.  We saw the ship yards on one side and the Old North Chapel and The Garden on another side.

We also rode the T subway system out to Harvard square and wandered around campus a little bit.  This is such a beautiful city.

Then in the evening we met up with many of the families here for the conference at the hotel.  It's exciting because many of our friends from last year have returned but there are many new families here too.  Some have recieved a diagnosis for their little one since last year's conference and are just getting started.  

The speakers for this years conference will be today.  So I'm just getting ready to take notes.  I'll have them up for everyone to read as soon as I can.

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