Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Freedom Trail

Whitney walked the Freedom Trail today in Boston.  She took along her new friend Abby and both sets of parents (0f course).  Melanie and I enjoyed seeing many historic buildings, colonial cemeteries, the beautiful Boston Waterfront and many of the gorgeous modern buildings that melt in so well with this historic city.  We also had fun riding around on the Boston subway system.Whitney on the other hand had more fun chasing the pigeons in Boston Common and seeing a few of the dogs out being walked as we roamed the city.  It was a pretty tiring day for our little girl, but she was patient and well behaved through most of the day.

We also had dinner with about five other families who are now here for the conference which starts tomorrow.  We talked all about the funny ways our children are alike, such as their eyes and facial expressions, their little toes and sacral dimples.  I'll post a group photo of all the kids when 
everyone is here.  You won't believe how similar they all are.  They look like brothers and sisters and seeing all these great people all together reallly does make us feel like one big family.

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Unknown said...

Nate......Thanks for keeping up with your blog while in Boston. It makes those of us that couldn't make it feel like we are there. Love Whitneys haircut!

Love to all,
Denise, Emily's mom