Thursday, July 03, 2008

New Friend Shayanne

Yesterday at Whitney's physical therapy visit we got a nice surprise.  As Melanie and Whitney were leaving the medical center, another mother in the lobby stopped them and said, "Is that Whitney?"

Turns out it was Tressa from our online support group.  She was in town with her daughter Shayanne for a hearing checkup.  They chatted for a moment and then Melanie asked if they wanted to come by the house to visit and to let the girls play for a bit.

Melanie gave them directions and after Shayanne's hearing appointment the girls had a chance to play out back on the swings while the moms had a chance to commiserate a little bit.  Talking with other parents in a similar situation is always great therapy and Melanie was really excited to visit.  Turns out Shayanne is a year younger than Whitney but is very advanced in comparison.  She does very well with walking and she can speak even though she has similar hearing loss to Whitney's.  It really exciting to see how well she is doing.  

And she was a very fun playmate for Whitney.  The played on the swing set in the back yard and Shayanne even took a turn pushing Whit in her special swing.  

Melanie and I love getting together with other families to share our stories and experiences.  Thanks to our new friend, Shayanne, and her mom, Tressa, and her sister, Roxy, for coming to play!


pensar said...

Hi Melanie and Nate,

I'm so happy about find this blog.
So happy to knew about Whitney.
I'm from Brasil and my daugether (Juliana) have the 1P36 deletion syndrome.I'm too interesting in the the annual 1p36 Deletion Conference in Boston in September.
How can I have more information?
my email is:
My name is Katia Alencar.
Thanks a lot and keep in touch

Genevieve Ross said...

I can't wait for Zoe to be able to play with her 1P36 friends. For now it is still a lot of hand over hand play.
I bet Melanie loved having another mom to talk to. That is great she recognized Whit.

Unknown said...

Oh how I am glad to find this blog. I have a severely handicap child and tonight has just been a blah night. You can check my blog out at

Your little girl is adorable!

Candle Ends said...

Your blog update widget is a great idea, Nate. Now we have 1 spot to check all 1p36 blogs for updates.

After reading this, I feel bad we haven't had any play dates since we stopped in the one time, especially since we live relatively close.

Nate said...

Hi Katia, I sent you an email a few days back did you recieve it?

Hey Josh, we will have to get together again soon. It's been forever since we've seen you guys. Mel and I need to take advantage of having fun and sharing experiences with more of the 1p36 families we have close by. Now if only we weren't all so consumed with therapy and doctor's appointments! ;-)

Shay said...

Oh how exciting! It must have been so much fun for the girls and the moms!

Shayanne said...

That was a way fun day! I was so excited to meet you guys too. Whitney is a little sweetheart! We will be coming down there soon so I will call and let you know this time.
Thanks for letting us come over to play!