Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Pay Attention!

Whitney is getting better and better about stringing multiple signs together to express herself.  She's also picking up new signs from the more advanced Signing Time episodes and possibly from school.

For example, one evening this week at dinner I was helping Whitney eat.  She was pretty hungry and she felt I wasn't focusing enough on feeding her.  So she turned to me and said in sign, "Dad, pay attention.  More potatoes."  Well, I certainly couldn't ignore that eloquent little request so I fed Whit some more potatoes.

You can see in the picture here, she's signing pay attention.  That's one of her favorite new signs.  

Last week in church a family we're good friends with sat in front of our family.  The father is always so kind and likes to make monkey faces at Whitney.  At one point during the meeting, he turned to smile and wave hello Whitney.  Her response was, "Pay attention! Silly monkey."  Probably not the greeting our friend was looking for, but Melanie could hardly contain her laughter.

I just can't describe how fun it is to have my little girl expressing herself so well.  She is a very funny, happy little girl and I love that she can sign!  What a great gift that has been for all of us. I just hope our friend from church isn't offended after Whitney's scolding.


Candle Ends said...

Now that is funny. I forget sometimes how observant 1p36ers are. I can't wait until he gets to that level of expression.

Julie and Jason said...

Whitney is developing quite a confident and assertive personality! It is so awesome to hear about her complex thoughts and how she expresses them!

Kajsa Farnsworth said...

Whitney amazes me. Not only does she know tons of signs but she is putting them all together in full sentences! We are going to have to brush up on our signing for the next time we see her. We are also hoping to got to Boston assuming the finances fall into place.

Angie said...

Hi to Whitney and the entire family! We read the blog all of the time and continue to be amazed at what Whitney is doing. Hope all of you are in good health. We are also going to try our best to be in Boston.

Nate said...

Thanks to each of you for always posting such kind comments. It really means so much knowing we have such great friends who support us. I hope we'll all be able to see each other at the conference in Boston this fall.