Monday, February 26, 2007

New Bedroom

To make room for the arrival of her little brother, my daughter moved into her new room over the weekend. My wife has been hard at work painting two of the walls pink, buying decorations and flowery pink bedding. With all the work we noticed our little girl becoming increasingly curious about this new pink room. We kept finding her in there just looking around.

So my wife and I decided to begin telling her that we were making it into her room. We wanted to try and giver as much understanding as possible that she was moving. We hoped that it would aid in the transition. 1p36 deletion kids can be very routine-bound and a change in bedrooms had my wife and I pretty concerned.

As it turns out our fears were really unfounded. My little girl got even more curious as I moved her bed down the hall and set it up with its new pink bedding. For the first time in months I put the box springs back underneath her mattress. My daughter's long been able to climb objects higher than that but we had tried the springs under the mattress months ago and it really freaked her out. So we put them back in the basement.

My little girl loved the bed, the colors in the room and the fact that we made it just for her. She kept laughing, hugging and kissing her bed and exploring the new home for all of her stuffed animals. She slept peacefully during her nap and at night. At one point during her first night in the room, my wife actually heard her laughing.

So another milestone comes and goes. Now I have a little girl who lives in a pretty pink little room 20 feet down the hall. It doesn't sound like much, but it's a lot farther than the nursery right next to the master bedroom. That room, of course, is soon to be occupied by little brother.

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