Friday, February 16, 2007

First Day of School

My daughter went to preschool for the first time this past Wednesday. She was actually supposed to go on Monday, but she was too sick and I think my wife was okay with having her home one last day. But she put on a brave face Wednesday morning when the bus came. She put our little girl on the bus, waved good-bye and that was it.

Obviously my daughter didn't have much to say when the school bus dropped her home later that afternoon, but she was quite tired. And she came toting a huge bag full of Valentines and Valentines Day candy. She seemed pretty happy about that. In all she was gone not quite three hours.

I had concerns about the length of the bus ride to the school. But those were quickly resolved. Turns out it's about a ten minute ride from our house to the school. We're close enough that the driver picks my little one up last on the way in and drops her off first on the way home. Marsha the driver is very nice and she only had three children total on the bus Wednesday.

My daughter's teacher called later that same afternoon to let my wife and I know that our little girl had a great time her first day of class. She played well with the other children and participated in all the activities. She wasn't upset at being in new surroundings with new people or anything. Sounds to me like she had a reason to be tired after all the fun she had.

So while I'm still coming to grips with being old enough to send a child off to school, I am pleased that the first day went so smoothly. It will be fun to see the progress she makes as time goes by.

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