Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Random Little Experiences

Improving Walking Skills

My daughter continues to improve in her daily cruises around the house and yard in her walker. She's getting more independent about it too. If she gets a little off balance she can straighten up and recover. And if she gets going a bit fast for her comfort level, she can slow herself down. Falling is a part of learning to walk though, and I wonder if my little one will have the strength and reflexes to catch herself. She's already broken her arm once when she was standing next to the couch, fell backward and didn't move her arm in time. I'd hate to have her fall and hurt herself while she's making such great progress with mobility. I'm probably just worrying too much. I do wonder what kind of reflexes 1p36 deletion kids have.

Boating Fun

We went boating with my parents last weekend. That's where the picture above was taken. My little girl hated the life jacket but loved cruising around the lake. The faster and bumpier the better. The wind and splashing water must be excellent stimulus for her because she just laughed and clapped until she got tired. Then the boat rocked her to sleep.

Little Sponge

It's hard to tell how much my daughter picks up from observing my wife and I but every so often we get a glimpse. The other day I left my belt on the floor in the closet. My daughter managed to find it and my wife tells me that she found our little girl trying to put it around her waist and fasten it. Amazing! She can't speak but that doesn't mean she isn't watching, listening and learning during every waking moment.

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