Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Herrin Twins Successfully Separated

Some time back I took an off-topic look at an inspiring story about conjoined twins here in Utah. The Herrin conjoined twins had lived their lives joined at the waist, sharing one pair of legs, part of their liver and a single kidney. In spite of it all they are happy, and reasonable healthy little girls.

Yesterday they underwent separation surgery at the same hospital my little one has been in a few times. Things went well and the road to being separate and healthy has begun. Have a look at some local news coverage of the separation. What an inspiring story. Congratulations to the Herrin family!

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mspooner said...

I am so impressed by the strength of families as I read through the comments of each family. You truly define what it is to love your child. I know that you are helping each of the children toward his/her personal best.

Thank you.