Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Sock Story

During the busy time of the year with all of our doctors appointments, it's important for my wife and I to have a good laugh. Luckily our daughter provided us with a great moment yesterday.

After arriving home from her two year physical, my wife went to take our little one out of her car seat. She noticed that our daughter was missing a sock. She looked around, but it wasn't anywhere in the back seat of he car. Meanwhile my daughter was playing with her hands. Then my wife noticed something white showing in our daughter's mouth. She pulled it out and sure enough, it was the sock. Our daughter had stuffed the whole thing in her mouth!

We're not sure if she was hungry or what, but it kills me that she'll stick a sock all the way in her mouth, but she can't stand to chew meat. There's never a dull moment in parenting.

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