Thursday, January 19, 2006

New Goals for the Next Six Months

Well, my daughter turns two tomorrow. That means it's been a busy week and next week will be even busier. It's time for all the anual exams and assessments. On Tuesday, the early intervention and deaf school people converged on our home to check my daughter's progress and help us make goals for the next six months.

Goal number one was to get my little one transitioning from laying to sitting to knees, to pulling up against objects by herself. My personal feeling is that she'll make this one easily. She already goes from sitting to crawling, and I believe I've seen her get from laying to sittting by herself a few times. The big thing here is pulling up against her toybox or the couch. This will take more strength than she has right now. But she's got the desire. That little girl already pulls herself up on her knees so she can get the toys she wants out of the toybox.

Goal two is improvement in her communication skills. This will involve the deaf mentor I mentioned last time. She definitely needs some improvement in this area. So we'll see how things go.

Goal three has to do with nutrition and weight gain. My wife and I wanted our little one to weigh 20 pounds by two. Due to some unexplained conditions, she hasn't gained weight at all in months. So we'll be looking for reasons why this is and then solving the problems. Hopefully in time to get our daughter up to 20 pounds in the next six months.

Last is a specific goal I asked for. My daughter needs to learn to say Uh-Oh! This is a very important life skill. Plus I think it would be fun. And, hey, not every goal has to be so serious!

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