Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The New Sleeping Schedule

My little one has always been a very good little sleeper. Every since I can remember, she's been sleeping almost eleven hours at night and taking two naps during the day. This has provided my wife with some nice time during the day to nap or get some things done by herself. She's always been a little bothered by the fact that our daughter didn't sleep any later than about 6:30 or 7:00 in the morning.

Then this past weekend some switch must have been flipped inside my daughter's little body. Now she'll go to bed at the usual time, around 8:00 pm but she will sleep until around 8:00 am. She's done away with her morning naps and instead takes an earlier longer afternoon nap. I had been wondering when it's normal for children to make this kind of change and how to force my daughter to make it. But it appears that she's made the change all on her own. My wife enjoys getting a little more sleep in the morning and still has enough time to do what she needs while our little one sleeps. It's a pretty nice change.

We're still a little perplexed by what caused the change. My wife says she thinks it's because the days are getting shorter so it's darker longer in the mornings. I tend to think that it's because she's mainly eating adult foods now, which helps her not get hungry as quickly. It could also simply be because she's also getting older and doesn't need as much sleep.

It's hard to believe my daughter is now twenty months old. The time has gone by so quickly. Things just get more and more fun as time goes on.

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