Friday, September 30, 2005

Peek A Boo At Dinner

I had a fun short experience at the dinner table last night. It was my turn to feed our daughter so she and I were sitting together. I hadn't put a bib on her like I usually do because she'd gotten so dirty earlier in the day, my wife just said don't worry about it. So I spooned the food into my little one's mouth and she ate pretty well. She takes a while to swallow stuff so often she'll look for something to do while she's working to get the food down. Sometimes she'll bang on her tray, sometimes she'll play with the straps on her high chair. Last night she grabbed her shirt and pulled it up over her face to play peek a boo. She took both hands and pulled her shirt up, then dropped it and smiled, then she'd do it again. My wife and I couldn't stop laughing.

In a side note, my little daughter has almost entirely graduated to adult table food. It's a huge relief not to fix two separate meals and she's happier because adult food just tastes so much better. We still have to grind it and spoon it in, but at least it's not all Gerber all the time any more!

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