Friday, September 16, 2005

Finally, New Progress: Hands and Knees

It's been some time since I posted last, and it's not because I've gotten bored with blogging. However, after a couple of months of blogging the first 18 months of my daughter's progress, there wasn't much else to say. With a disabled child developments come more slowly, but today we had one.

I was out working in the garage, when my wife told me I had to come in and see what our little one was doing. For the first time in her life, she had gone from a sitting position to a crawling position! There she was in the living room on her hands and knees, having gotten there all by herself. I don't think she actually crawled anywhere, but that can't be too far away.

We watched her to see what she would do next, but after a few minutes she started to cry. She wasn't sure how to get back to a sitting position from her hands and knees. We work on that in her daily exercises, but it takes a bit to do, so we helped her.

When my daughter started turning around in a sitting position, she progressed quickly from the first time she did it, until it was a regular occurrence. I'll be curious to see if she starts getting up on her hands and knees more and more often, or if this was just an accident.

No matter what, it's nice to see her do something new. Now if only she'd listen to me and start saying "Dada"! ;-)

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