Friday, September 02, 2005

Classes and "Army Crawling"

My wife and daughter went to her usual Thursday classes yesterday. My daughter had fun riding a push-car that was on a small roller coaster track. My wife didn't really want to let my daughter ride it, but the physical therapist convinced her and she actually liked it. Well, okay, at least she didn't cry.

She also brought home her first piece of artwork for the family refrigerator. The therapists let the kids use chocolate pudding to smear all around a picture of a pig. This formed the pig's stye. It was a pretty fun idea and is now gracing the fridge for all to see! Pretty cool.

The biggest thing that happened at class is that my daughter started mimicking others when they said "Momma". In the past that's a word that my daughter has sometimes made at random without much connection to anything, but now she seems to have started saying it when someone else says "mom". That could be big. She really doesn't communicate with words yet but we might be on the verge.

The physical therapist who visited the other day has encouraged my wife and I to start working on "army crawling" with our daughter. She still lacks the strength to actually support her body weight in true crawling, but by keeping her belly on the ground and using her hands and legs she'll be able to get mobile sooner, and it should lead to real crawling next. The only catch is that it takes both my wife and I to show our daughter how to move the right limbs in the right way. We'll have to coordinate time in the evening to get our little one to do it. This is an important step so I hope it works! Maybe we'll finally have to baby-proof soon. I certainly wouldn't mind.

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