Thursday, August 18, 2005

Fun at Today's Classes

Every other Thursday is class day for my wife and daughter. Today, in Baby and Me class, my daughter made a butterfly by smearing Karo syrup and food coloring all over the place. You've got to give those developmental specialists credit for creativity. My daughter didn't really like getting her hands sticky though. In fact most kids weren't sure what to think of it. But the class definitely got an A for creativity.

Then in food class, my daughter was the only one there, so she got one on one attention while she ate Cheetos, Froot Loops and other good chewing foods. She's getting better at using her new little molars to grind food, but we still need to teach her how to use her tongue to position the food between her molars. The eating specialist recommends putting peanut butter in her cheeks and letting her get it out. That'll do one of two things, either teach my daughter how to use her tongue very efficiently, or it'll really, really make her mad. Come to think of it, it'll probably do both. I can't wait to try it!

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