Friday, June 14, 2013

Motivating Mommy

Things have been pretty quiet for us the last few weeks.  Whitney had a follow up appointment with the endocrinologist to make sure things were balanced out and looking good.  The tests all came back normal, which is always nice to hear.

She is getting closer to wrapping up her school year which means field trips.  I got to join in the fun as her class visited the zoo earlier this week.  The class went to a nearby fire station yesterday.  And she also had a great time at her annual special ed field day.

Speaking of exercise, Melanie is training to run a 10k race coming up in July and Whitney has decided to help her out.  Mel always runs with some music in a playlist on her phone for motivation.  You've got to have some fast paced music to make it up the hills near where we live.  And we all know how much Whitney loves stealing people's phones and playing music.  She's also getting very sneaky about it.

So Melanie was out for a training run this past week and had her running mix on.  When all of the sudden Dr. Jean and Friends starts blasting in her headphones.  Melanie furiously hit the skip next button and kept running.  Only to find Christmas music!  Turns out our sneaky little music lover thought Melanie's workout mix could use an infusion of early childhood development songs and some Christmas favorites, so she added them to the playlist on Mel's phone.  Intentional or not, it looks like Whitney is turning into quite the little prankster.

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