Tuesday, October 09, 2012

She Knows What She Likes

Whitney is very clever when it comes to getting what she wants.  She knows what she likes and you can see her thinking out the process to get it.  Once example of this determination is playing music on her iPhone.  

Whitney has some favorite bands and albums that she listens to over and over.  But she can't read the names of the bands or albums on the phone's screen.  She's found a way around that though.  She's memorized the album cover art for the music she loves best.  When it's time to listen to something, she turns her phone on its side.  When she does this, she knows that the Music app shows a cascading row of album art that you can flick through.  Whit's a huge country fan, so she flicks through the art until she gets to her favorite album by Sugarland and can begin to play it.  She's also memorized the order of the tracks so she can get to her very favorite song on the first try every time.  This makes for a very happy music listener and many, many plays of the song Mean Girls in our home every day.

To reduce the monotony, I've tried to introduce new songs and artists.  Last night, I had her listen to Stevie Wonder's Superstition.  I figured it had a fun beat she'd like.  But Whit shot me a glance just after the intro, turned her phone on its side and flicked back to her Sugarland albums.  I guess you can't blame me for trying.  This girl definitely knows what she likes.  And she's learning how to get it.


Heather Thorup said...

So cute!

Unknown said...

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