Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Whitney!

Five years ago this past week, Melanie and I were spending quality time with our newborn daughter in the NICU of our local hospital. During those first days, other than her collapsed lung and difficulty eating, we had no idea what awaited us. But as I look back, what a joy it's been to see Whitney fight for all the wonderful milestones she's reached. Each one is a bit of a miracle. At 5 Whitney communicates almost all her needs through sign. She is 100% mobile with the help of her crocodile reverse walker. She's starting to take steps all by herself. Currently, 6 is her record. She goes to school four days a week and is getting ready for kindergarten next fall. Whitney loves playing princesses. Her favorite is The Little Mermaid. She has an outgoing personality and a contagious laugh that we all love. Our world wouldn't be the same without her.

Here are a few pictures of her 5th birthday party. A princess party of course.

Melanie and a gifted cake decorator friend put about 3 hours into this Little Mermaid birthday cake

The whole house was covered in princess banners, balloons and other decorations

Whitney recieved many wonderful gifts from so many loved ones

Her new Little Mermaid doll has definitely found a special place in her heart


Unknown said...

Happy 5th Birthday Little Princess Whitney from your -1p friends Denise and Emily in Virginia!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Precious Whitney from Alisha and I all he way from Puerto Rico.

Carmela said...

Happy Birthday Whitney!!! It looks like you had a wonderful party and a really cool cake! You are one lucky 5 year old!
-hugs from Gabriella and Joseph in Oregon

Angie said...

HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY WHITNEY! What a special day. It looks like the party was wonderful and the cake is absolutely awesome. Melanie and her friend are hired! We are so proud of Whitney's milestones too and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for doing this blog, educating everyone, and sharing these special moments with so many. HUGS TO YOU!

Genevieve Ross said...

Happy Birthday Whitney!!! And what an exciting milestone to reach just before your big day!
Your friend Zoe

Brad and Kristi said...

That is seriously the cutest cake, did you make it?

Nate said...

Yup. The cake is a Melanie and Alicia Mikelsen original. Pretty amazing the talents people have.

hailie said...

i like that pic awaw

Jin said...

Congratulations on the 5th birthday! My daughter will be 5 in May and I can't wait! For some reason it seems like a huge milestone- it is though because it is simply amazing what these special kids do in 5 years, especially when given a grim outlook. It looks like she had a great time, and that is one beautiful cake!