Saturday, August 02, 2008

Summer Fun

I've written about a lot of doctor's visits and therapy this summer, but I should also mention we've been having a blast in the warm weather.  Whitney loves getting out for walks and chasing the neighborhood dogs with her brother.  They also love playing in the water in our back yard.  Well, Whit likes it a little more than Liam I guess.

We've also had some fun at the zoo and Whitney continues to learn new things.  This past week Melanie stepped outside to get the mail and Whitney stood up at the front door and flipped the handle to lock our dead bolt.  When Mel came back with the mail she found she was locked out and she could hear Whitney laughing inside.  Luckily we've traded keys with the neighbors so Mel ran next door to grab the spare and got in the house.  Whitney was all smiles when she got inside.  But I suspect Mel will take her keys next time she steps outside for a moment!

Hope everyone's summer is going as well as our has.  We've been having a blast.


Kajsa Farnsworth said...

Fun video! I'm glad you guys have found a fun way around the heat.
It's great to hear that Whitney's eye exam went so well.

Amiee said...

You guys are an Amazing Family...

Hello! said...

Oh man, I miss seeing that cute little face!
I'm glad I've found your blog.

Sandy (Maynard) Nelson

Nate said...

Hi Kajsa! We heard you made a trip up our way recently. If you ever have time on one of your trips to Utah we'd love to meet up and let the kids hang out again!

Hi Amiee, thanks for stopping by. Your family is pretty amazing too. Melanie loves hanging out with you and the special needs moms group. It's really good for her to get out with people who understand.

Hi Sandy! I'm glad you found us! It's been a long time. If you ever find yourself out in the neighborhood, please stop in. Whit would love to see you and so would Mel and I.

Unknown said...

That is to funny. I can just picture laughing about locking Mommy out. Thank God your neighbor has a key