Saturday, May 03, 2008

Walk Now for Autism

Whitney doesn't have Autism but she has lots of friends who do.  There are several autistic children in our neighborhood who attend the same special needs preschool as Whit.   We also know families affected by Autism at work and at church.  So when we heard about the local Autism Speaks chapter throwing a big fundraiser walk, we just had to go.  It was the third annual Walk Now for Autism and attendance was amazing!  There was hardly a place to walk and families where all over the soccer fields at the local high school.

Whitney marched all over the place making all kinds of new friends.  She cruised around in her walker all morning until finally her little legs gave out and she rode the rest of the way in the stroller.  Along the way she got to play with Geoffrey the Giraffe, a Dalmatian riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle and some guys from Star Wars.

I was really impressed with the amazing support from friends and the community.  Autism affects roughly 1 in 150 children in the US so it's much more common than 1p36 Deletion Syndrome, but we found common ground with many of the parents Melanie and I talked with.

It was great experience and all for a very good cause.


Angie said...

Neat post! How ironic you posted about Austism because I was just talking yesterday to my mom about the topic. We know quite a few friends with autistic children as well and the numbers seem to be on the rise. It is so nice to support each other in our endeavors. Hi to you and the family! Whitney looks like she is doing great! And little Liam is definitely on the go!

Kajsa Farnsworth said...

I can picture Whitney marching along with her walker - what a trooper! We also know several families affected by Autism and I think the recent odds are quite alarming. It's nice to see the cause getting more visibility and support. Kudos to you guys for getting involved!

Alan said...

cool pic bro! Whit looks like she might like those stormtroopers! beware the dark side. HA HA.