Monday, February 25, 2008

Reading and Comprehension

At our house we love to read books before bed.  Whitney and her little brother, Liam, both enjoy looking at the pictures and hearing the stories.  We read about Curious George and various fairy tales and nursery rhymes, but our favorite books are Goodnight Moon and anything by Dr. Seuss.
Whitney picked out Green Eggs and Ham to read tonight.  After I read "I am Sam." Whitney clapped with approval.  I guess she thought I gave the line a particularly dramatic appeal this evening.

My favorite thing to do is to have Whit sign all the words she knows in the books.  So tonight she signed egg, mouse, car, train, boat, water and a few others.  She's really proud that she knows so many words.  And I'm glad she pays so much attention to the stories.

When we finished Green Eggs and Ham, I decided to try something new.  I asked Whitney to go to the bookshelf and bring back Goodnight Moon.  She thought for a moment and then climbed down from the couch.  She returned carrying Goodnight Moon without any help at all.  Not bad for a little one who can't speak, let alone read.

I'm really pleased with Whitney's improving ability to understand and complete instructions.  She understands so much.  During Goodnight Moon she made sure to point out her favorite things and sign their names: the three little bears sitting on chairs, a young mouse, the stars, and her all-time favorite, the red balloon.  Pretty smart little girl.  Then it was time for "Goodnight noises everywhere" and off to bed.


Troy Farnsworth said...

Whitney continues to amaze us with her receptive language and also her ability to sign. We know how exciting this must be. We have been able to enjoy similar experiences lately with Brady as he also loves to read books and demonstrate his signing vocabulary. We caught him reading his signing time book the other day and noticed that he was signing "mom" and "dad" on the appropriate page. We look forward to reading about many more of Whitney's accomplishments.

Nate said...

That's great that Brady is signing along with his books. He sure is a sharp little guy! Does he like Dr. Seuss as much as Whitney?

Kajsa Farnsworth said...

Brady is not into Dr. Seuss just yet. He does better with books that have just a few words on each page. I hope he will eventually like Dr. Seuss because he is one of my favorites!

I can't believe Liam is sitting still to listen to an entire book! He and Whitney must both love books so much.