Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Adventure of the Missing Hearing Aid

Recently my wife's grandfather passed away and my family attended his memorial services. Just before they had a family prayer and closed the casket, I glanced at my daughter and noticed one of her hearing aids was missing. I was shocked and immediately started looking around thinking maybe it had just fallen out. It wasn't anywhere nearby that I could see. Of course there were all kinds of people and lots of children everywhere and I had no idea when she might have lost it. I knew she had it when we got to the mortuary. Had she taken it out or had one of her mischievous cousins taken it?

Maybe it came out in the car. I dashed out to the car and looked all around. No luck. I retraced our steps and looked in the waiting room. In and under the benches, around all the floral arrangements. No hearing aid. All the while I'm reminding myself how much the hearing aid cost and how much trouble it would be to replace it. Panic set in and I couldn't find the hearing aid anywhere. So I went back to find my family and participate in the closing of grandpa's casket.

Turns out that while I was out panicking and running around, my wife had found the hearing aid in the hood of my daughter's jacket. It was all safe and sound. The mold on that aid had been getting kind of lose in my daughter's ear lately and her hood must have caught on the hearing aid just enough to dislodge it from her hear. Needless to say we ordered new molds the very next week. Good and tight ones!

I sure am grateful that my little girl generally leaves her aids alone and treats them with respect. I've heard of so many kids taking them out or damaging or losing them. I'm just way to prone to panic when this sort of thing happens. I guess I'd better get used to the idea of losing them someday. Murphy's law says it's bound to happen, and they benefit her so much that it's definitely worth the risk. If my luck has anything to do with it, she'll probably decide to put them in the toilet to see if they float! ;-)


Candle Ends said...

We just got the results back from our kid's genetic test and he was diagnosed with 1p36.

After the hi-res chromosome test a couple weeks ago, I was doing some research on the internet and ran into the picture of your daughter on Wikipedia and researching a bit further, we were certain that this is what he had. The call today from the follow up test confirmed it. They are conducting a Fisher (sp?) test to determine the severity.

I promised my wife that if we were correct in our assumptions, that we would get a hold of you. We live not to far, in Orem. If you would like to get a hold of us, please drop an email to chakhlo@gmail.

Josh Harding

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