Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Little Brother Arrives

My daughter has gone to stay with Grandma this week because her little brother finally arrived! It's been a much different experience than when my daughter was born a little over three years ago. First of all, this little boy has a good handle on eating and won't be needing a NICU stay. In fact we're heading home after just a little over a day instead of a week! He passed his hearing test right off the bat and all his other tests have looked good too.

Also, this child is seriously strong. Big sister's going to get her hair pulled until she learns how to keep it out of reach! It's going to be interesting to contrast the development of this child versus our daughter with the 1p36 deletion. Both are beautiful individuals in their own right, but already they are SO different.

It's going to be hard on my wife taking care of two children who have lso many needs, but I'm going to pitch in anywhere I can. Thank goodness for a bit of paternity leave.

Also, Since neither of them walk or will for a while, we've invested in one of those gigantic dual strollers to get them around. With all the equipment these kids need, I'm starting to see why SUVs are so popular!

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