Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Stair Master and Calorie Intake

My daughter has now become the master of the stairs. She gained the confidence to climb them once she found she could go down them without falling. So now she's up and down the stairs all day long. It's nice that she's become so independent because my increasingly pregnant wife is not able to tote her around quite as readily anymore. And in the morning when she wakes up she just gets out of bed and heads downstairs to play with her toys. My wife loves that!

Climbing those stairs for a child so small is quite a lot of work. My daughter is always panting heavily when she reaches the top. This ties into a concern I've got. Our daughter's dietitian was very unhappy with my wife and I last appointment because my daughter had lost three ounces. Three ounces since her last visit doesn't seem like much but I wonder, with all this increased activity and exercise, how we're going to get enough calories into her each day. The better she eats, the more active she is and the more calories she burns. I suppose it's a pretty healthy problem to have compared to the rampant obesity epidemic but I've got to say I don't like the idea of having a three year old who weighs only twenty pounds. Maybe I'll start her on a steady diet of Christmas goodies. That'll get her out of her calorie deficit!

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