Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Cruisin' the Couches

I posted last about progress on the stairs, but there has been quite a bit of overall progress in my daughter's overall confidence with her mobility. She is now very confident with pulling herself up to a standing position at the couch, high chair, beds and other places around house. She does it without any assistance or extra encouragement.

Now within the last week or so, my little girl is starting to take steps and inch along the couch to be able to reach things that she sees. She makes sure both hands are grasping the couch as she takes those steps, but she is beginning to move with more speed and control along the edges of things. I've got to remember to stop leaving remote controls and other non-drool resistant things on the couch because they're no longer safe there!

Her confidence will need to improve before she starts stepping away from things though. Right now she gets to the end of the couch and stops. She looks around for something else to hang onto and if she doesn't see anything she gradually sits down. Sometimes I'm grateful she's so cautious about things. It keeps her from getting hurt, but at the same time I want to tell her to go ahead and take a step. Even if she falls it will teach her something. I'm confident this little girl is going to be walking soon. She's really starting to put all the pieces together. After nearly three years, it sure will be a thrill.

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