Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Active Sleeper

Something else that's struck me as strange about my daughter is her recent sleeping habits. I mentioned some time ago how my wife and I moved her to a mattress on the floor so she could get in and out of bed on her own and not fall. She seems to enjoy sleeping there but her sleep is very fitful. My wife will tuck her in and the next thing we know she's turned perpendicular to her bed, kicked her blankets off and her legs are hanging off the side. Sometimes we'll hear her whimper in the middle of the night and she'll be asleep in a crawling position or even sitting straight up. Other times she'll be fast asleep on the floor clear across the room! This has been going on ever since we moved her to her "big bed" in the spring.

I don't have any other children, so I'm not very aware of what is "normal" for sleeping. My daughter seems to be doing some pretty crazy things in her sleep with the kicking, moving and crawling. I wonder if she'll calm down as she grows up or if she'll kick her way through a night's sleep for some time to come. One thing I will say is that I'm glad it's my daughter with the crazy sleeping habits and not my wife! ;-)


bella said...

Sounds like a restless one! I think it all depends on the kid, and not so much the chromosomes! I have some that sleep in one position all night, and others that 'travel', and you can't sleep beside in the same bed! (And a couple in between!)

She sounds like a delightful little one!

(EK is a mover, as well, in addition to being a 'no blankets on me ever ever ever even if I'm freezing to death' kid. sigh)


Nate said...

That's funny! You've got sleepers of all kinds! It makes me less concerned with my daughter's "active sleeping." She's the same way as EK with the blankets too. Sure is a good thing they make fleece pajamas with feet for the winter time!

bella said...

EK fights the footie pajamas, as well! We finally had to just start looking for pjs that are warm and fleecy but don't have feet in them! (She's the picky one, you know!)

I'm glad you're less worried about your little one's sleep habits! Its just another one of those thousand things that are different in every kid, huh?