Thursday, January 05, 2006

Progress on Goal Number Two

While my daughter needs some serious improvement to make her weight goal, she's making serious progress on her second goal for her second birthday. My wife and I would really like to see her crawling by then. And I think my little one really has a good chance.

She's right here beside me while I'm writing. I'm watching her lean forward and put her hands on the floor. Then she bends her knees into a w shape and pulls herself forward. This gets her onto her hands and knees. It's not very elegant and can't be too good for her hips but she is getting into a crawling position. The therapists have tried to teach her to lean to the side, put her hands down and then swing her legs around to get up. That's the way most kids learn. But my little girl is very afraid of getting off her midline balance. So she's found a way where she doesn't have to lean to the side, but she still gets her legs under her.

Once she's up, she's getting the arm and shoulder strength to lift one hand and reposition it and then do the same with the other one. This has been a pretty recent development. For quite a while she needed both hands down or she'd tip to one side and fall.

It may take her longer than her second birthday to get her legs coordinated. They still just kind of drag behind her as she pivots and scoots. But it's so good to see my daughter getting mobile that I don't even care if she slightly misses the goal. Soon she'll be tearing around the house. I'd better get child proofing!

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