Sunday, November 20, 2005

Two big Goals for Birthday Number Two!

My little one will turn two years old in just a couple of months. It's amazing to realize how fast the time goes by. It's also amazing to see the progress she's been making, especially lately. With all the good stuff going on, my wife and I have set two pretty lofty goals for our daughter for when she turns two.

First we want to get her weight up to at least twenty pounds. That's the magical number when children are allowed to face frontwards in the car seat and my little one is past ready for that. Trouble is she still weighs about 17 pounds when we were at her pediatrician's last month. So it's snacks and treat for her all the time as we race to pack on a few more pounds before January.

Second and more difficult is our goal to have her crawling by January 20th. That may be a big deal, but we want it so bad. Right now my little girl will move her hands and legs but she can't get up on her hands and knees by herself. So she's got to put it all together by the time she turns two. Then she'll be able to get into things and cause trouble just like a two year old should. My wife, my little one and I are working hard and fast to meet these high expectations. We'll see how things turn out.

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