Thursday, October 13, 2005

Illness and the Eating Tailspin

It's probably obvious, but it's often a lot harder for children with disabilities to recover from illnesses that you and I might not have much trouble with at all. As a matter of fact, with Winter approaching, my daughters developmental teachers have put in a special plea for parents to keep sick children home from class. This is because some classmates might even need hospitalization if they catch a cold from another little one.

My daughter has been battling a cold the last week or so. Her mom and I have both had it and we knew she'd get it. Luckily my little one doesn't have any immune issues linked with her genetic syndrome. However, she's already so weak, it takes her a little more time to get back up to speed. The worst problem is the habitual eating thing. She goes from not eating very much to eating almost nothing at all. I can relate a little. I never have as good an appetite when I'm sick, but the problem comes because I can't just tell my daughter to eat even if she doesn't feel like it. She always loses weight even with a simple cold because she'll cry and cover her mouth when we try.

So simple request from one parent to another, please be courteous when your little ones might have a cold. Remember some kids might not be able to get over something as quickly as yours. Best to keep your little ones with runny noses away from any children that might have a disability. Thanks! And to those of you with little ones that have a disability. Stock up on the children's cold and cough 'cause winter's on the way! 8-)

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