Monday, August 29, 2005

More on Eating and Biting

My wife and I have been focused more than ever on the eating thing with my daughter. She's slowly making progress with using her tongue to position food between her molars for chewing. One thing the developmental specialists have encouraged in order to help her tongue dexterity is putting peanut butter on the insides of her cheeks. My wife tried this one day last week at lunch time. I'm glad I wasn't around because she said it wasn't pretty. My daughter got so angry! I'm not sure if she was frustrated that she couldn't get the peanut butter off, or if she bit herself in the process. Either way she put up such a fuss that we haven't tried it again since!

Yesterday for lunch my daughter absolutely refused to eat anything until she was given a drink of milk. She just shook her head and pursed her lips and signed "milk" until she got what she wanted. My daughter loves milk, but she's never gone to that extreme before. I sense a little bit of the terrible two's approaching.

My daughter has also continued to have terrible troubles with biting her arm and her hearing aids. Even when there are other more acceptably bitable objects within reach. She's left so many tooth marks on one of her loaner hearing aids, I'm almost certain we'll have to pay for it. And that's saying nothing of the deep red bite marks she keeps giving herself on her right arm. There is still a little bit of hope that this is just related to teething, but I'm frightened that it's not.

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