Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Her First Doll

The developmental specialist said that it would be a good idea to get my daughter a doll to play with. She said it would help her in several ways. One of the most important was that she could identify eyes, nose, ears, fingers, etc. on the doll.

So wanting to provide every opportunity for our daughter, my wife picked up a new doll last week. We excitedly took it out of the box, explaining to our little one about how much fun her new dolly would be. We handed it to her, pointing out that the baby doll had eyes just like she has, ears just like she has and so on.

Well this went fine, but my little angel was only interested in one thing about her new dolly. It has two pig tails made of yard on the top of its head. She picked it up by one of the pig tails and stuck the other pig tail in her mouth to chew on. So I guess being able to identify body and facial parts will have to wait. For now dolly is just another thing to be able to suck on. One thing's for sure, if our daughter had a little brother or sister around the house, the poor kid would probably be in danger of drowning in drool!

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