Friday, July 29, 2005


Took a road trip with my family earlier this month. My wife and I weren't sure how our little girl would do spending hours in the car seat as we toured around Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding area. But we were pleasantly surprised. Since she's not really mobile yet, she was content to hang out in her car seat for hours at a time as we drove.

At one point my two younger brothers joined my daughter in the back seat of the car. She absolutely loved having the company. One of my brothers got her hooked on listening to Jimmy Eat World and Wheezer though. Every time he took his headphones off her, she cried until he gave them back to her!

The whole family felt relieved to get away from the grind of everyday life. And I know my daughter enjoyed not having to visit any doctors or having any tests done. Instead we enjoyed the beauties of my favorite national park and just relaxed.

My wife and I bought our little girl a Kelty Kids backpack to carry her around in. She did really well in it too. She was content to look over Dad's head as we hiked along the trails around the geyser basins. It was really fun to see all the people giving her little "Aaawww" looks.

I've got to admit that caring for a disabled child makes a good vacation seem a little unreachable and impractical at times, but it's even more important to take one than ever. All that pent up stress needs letting out and taking a trip really does the trick.

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