Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Starting to Sign

I got home last night in time for dinner, but before I could eat, my wife made sure I saw our daughter's new trick. She set her on the floor and started repeating "more, more, more". At first my little one just looked up at Mommy and stared. Then slowly, but deliberately she raised both hands up, pointed her index fingers and thumbs toward each other and brought her hands together. It wasn't perfect, but she had indeed signed the word "more".

My wife has worked long and hard at each mealtime to ingrain the signs for "food", "drink", "milk", "water" and "more" deep into our daughter's mind. She'd never responded with anything until yesterday. It was pretty exciting to see that some of the work we're doing is starting to sink in. I've mentioned it before, but even small steps in raising a disabled child are to be celebrated. The only trouble is that the little cutie only does the sign for "more" when we say the word. I suppose I should be grateful. As soon as she grasps the power of the word "more" she'll be asking for more of everything! She may be little, but she's already picking up on one of the most dominant concepts in our society. MORE! MORE! MORE! And at least for now I welcome it.

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